Thursday, October 23, 2008

Supporting My Vision 100%

This past weekend I hosted my first equine assisted singles workshop at our new home, The Happily Ever After Healing Horse Ranch.

This represented the culmination of a year-long vision to begin creating a healing retreat for singles and couples. What a difference a year makes!

But more than that, it’s a huge step toward combining
my two life long passions: horses and relationships.

And guess who was right by my side?

Greg of course!

Greg gave up his whole day to be my assistant, our photographer, and our group’s lunchtime chef.

No, he gave up more than that. He helped shop and clean in preparation too!

And I was so grateful to have him be there, his simple presence a profound support.

And his actions, so helpful for the smooth success of our workshop.

The success was so much more sweet and meaningful with him along side.

But more than that.

I KNOW that there were things he’d like to be doing more, like riding his bike.

But I also knew, deep in my bones, that there was NO other place he’d have chosen to be, but by my side, witnessing the first chapter of a dream come true.

Do you know what it’s like to have a partner believe in your dream 100% and to support you in every way possible, as you strive to make your vision a reality?

It’s the most amazing feeling in the world.

We have a saying, that
“Together, we can do anything.”

And this weekend was the perfect example that when two hearts and two minds come together in support of each other’s vision, dreams really can become reality.

I was so touched by the realization of the momentousness of the occasion, that my simple introduction to the workshop, left not a dry eye in the room.

Greg included. And Greg never tears up.

Thank you Greg for giving all of who you are in support of helping me make my dreams come true.

I couldn’t ask for more.

After all, finding you has been the biggest dream come true of all!

What does your partner do to support your vision?

Please comment!

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