Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Shamelessly Promoting Angel

“Angels are the keepers of magic and dreams.”

Sometimes the difference between sinking and swimming is someone else’s ardent belief in you. It’s like they are holding the space for magic to happen in your life, they are keeping the vision of the dream alive for you while you’ve been off, taking a nap perhaps!

I realized the other day that Greg is just that type of Angel for me- holding the vision, sparking the magic. Not only does he do that for me personally- but he’s my biggest fan and he’s always raving about me to other people- propelling the vision forward!

He’s sort of unassuming, but he’s not shy when it comes to me- he’s my Shameless Promoter.

If he overhears someone talking about something I can help with, he tells them all about me. Hardly a week goes by when he doesn’t come home and tell me that he’s told Sally, Chris, or Harry about what I could do for them.

He does this with absolutely no prodding from me. He does this from his heart because he’s such a strong believer in me. And because he really wants to help other people.

That’s such a big gift: To have someone in your life who so whole-heartedly believes in you that they can’t help but stand on the street corner shouting out about your virtues.

With that kind of love supporting you, you’ll always be able to swim through even the toughest storms- together.

A soulmate love is one where you believe so strongly in each other, that you want to be each other’s Shameless Promoter!

Readers: Who is YOUR Shamelessly Promoting angel? Share with us how they helped you find your magic, reach your dream!

Ps. In our house almost all of us, including the dogs, cats, and horses have an angel nickname to remind us how we touch each other's soul and bring light into each other's lives! Why not honor the angel in everyone!!