Monday, February 16, 2009

Dragon Power

Greg’s been carrying a little green, stone Dragon in his pocket these days. And it makes me smile. In fact, it makes me feel loved.

See, recently I learned about the concept of Power Animals.

Popular among many ancient traditional societies, including the Native American tradition, power animals are said to look after and guide us on our earthly walk.

The story goes that each of us has a power animal from the time of our birth. And from their place in the spirit realm, our power animal, also known as an animal totem, teaches and protects us.

Whether or not you believe in the literal idea of having a power animal, playing with the concept of animal-as-guide can still be a powerful experience, helping us step into our strength in times of need.

Well, needless to say, Greg, Mr. Accountant, doesn’t believe in the spiritual idea of power animals, but I had an image of him as a child with a playful dragon.

So I suggested that he might consider adopting the dragon as his power animal. He could draw on the fiery-ness of the dragon to help him step into his power and assert his needs- he’s a bit of a softie! He agreed- sort of.

A few weeks later, we visited a gem and mineral shop and I encouraged him to select a Dragon to give him a physical reminder of his new power animal. In the picture, you can see the diminutive green dragon he chose.

Now, this is one tiny dragon, and you’d think he’d be easily lost, or soon tossed aside, amid a pile of household junk.

But, no, Greg’s been carrying his Dragon in his pants pocket. Every day to work. And sometimes even to the ski slope. And at night he carefully sits in a brass turtle in our closet, awaiting the next day’s adventure.

Sometimes, he’ll even take the Dragon out of his pocket and have me give it a little kiss.

This all warms my heart. Why?

Because he took an idea that wasn’t at all personally appealing to him and he ran with it, just because I asked him to.

Because he took the idea farther than I ever expected him to. I even sometimes get emails from "My Prince and his Dragon."

Because he’s been so loving to that tiny little stone Dragon- showing that he’s now adopted the idea of the Dragon’s worth for his own.

I asked Greg why he’s been carrying Dragon and he told me because it’s like having a little good luck charm along for the daily ride- and it helps him be fierce and fire-breathing when necessary.
Sort of like a trustworthy companion, I guess.

The way I feel when our dog Ice accompanies me on pony poop cleaning duty, or even the way I feel now about seat belts- when I’m strapped in, it just feels right- safe and protected. But when I forget, I feel naked and vulnerable. A bit less invincible. Without the confidence that comes when you carry a little dragon that reminds you, that you can indeed, breathe fire.

And it all clarifies for me, that this is the beautiful give and take that makes up a wonderful love.

When you stretch yourself just a little because your partner asks, and soon you find a new enjoyable dimension to yourself that you didn’t realize was there. And you may never have found, if it weren’t for your partner.

In the end, that’s how we grow as people, as partners, in love, one little stretch, together, at a time. Until our combined worlds encompass more than we ever dreamed possible. Including even little imaginary-fire breathing dragons.

Readers: How has a partner inspired you to stretch, only to find a new, enjoyable part of yourself?