Monday, October 13, 2008

Music to My Ears

Okay, I'll admit it.

Jenn doesn't have the best singing voice in the world. But that isn't what really matters.

She sings because she's happy, in love, and because she feels comfortable enough to sing. And I want her to sing because I know, in turn, singing makes her happy because it's a way for her to express her love for me.

Therefore, whenever I hear her sing, I feel loved.

The Angel Song

Over the past three and a half years Jenn has made up several of her own songs. The most recent one being the "Angel" song.

She tells me that I inspired the song because I'm her angel (and no it doesn't sound anything like "Angel" by Aerosmith). That makes me feel loved because I know she understands how much I love and care for her and appreciates everything I do for her.

Jenn sings this song to me all the time.

Sometimes she sings it to me on the phone when she first gets up in the morning, sometimes when I get home from work but most of the time it's spontaneous. And every time she sings it to me I feel her love and love her that much more.

I love it when Jenn sings to me, no matter what the song. But when it's a song inspired by our love it's that much more special.

What special little things do you do to show your love for your partner? What does your partner do?

Please share.

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