Thursday, October 9, 2008

Delusional and Freedom to Be Me

Ok, now I KNOW Greg is delusional.

But those are the kind of delusions that every woman should be lucky to live with!!

But speaking of singing.

I suck. I have zero musical talent- and he went to college as a music major.

BUT- for the first and only time in my life- I feel comfortable singing in front of someone.

So comfortable that I have made up 2 or 3 songs in honor of him and our love. Stupid songs. But songs I do proudly sing out loud so he knows just how special he is!

And I don't care how awful I am, because I know he loves me, no matter what.

Because of love, any singing I do, no matter how truly awful, is still music to his ears.

That's such a gift he gives to me- the gift of feeling free to be yourself with someone.

What is more important that that!?

What do you feel comfortable doing with your partner that you would have been embarrassed to do before?

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