Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Last Bite

Last night I was reminded of another thing I really appreciate about Greg.
We were finishing up a tasty ice cream from Cold Stone. I took the second to last bite, saving the last nibble for him.

But whenever we are sharing a sweet dessert, he always scoops up the last bite, and offers it to me.

Always, always, always!!!

I mean, I can't think of a SINGLE time he EVER took the last bite before offering it to me.

It makes me feel so loved.

He's such a gentleman, plus, he knows what a sugar freak I am.

Sometimes, I use all of my will power to decline and give it to him- I'm a total sugar addict. My tiny effort at being selfless! :)

And often, I smile, thank him, and he feeds it to me.

Sometimes we argue over who gets to be kind enough to offer the last bite:

"It's yours. No, it's yours. NO, IT'S YOURS!!!"

Now, that's the kind of fight you want: Fighting over who gets to give something nice to the other!!

Silly sweet!

What do you give to your partner, even though you'd rather keep it for yourself???

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