Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chocolate Chip Pancakes- A Gift From the Heart

So this morning, like almost every weekend morning since we've been together, I'm eating my favorite breakfast in the whole wide world: Chocolate Chip pancakes!!

The best part? I didn't lift a finger.

Greg slaves away in the kitchen and prepares for me an entire breakfast: Cheesy eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, and sometimes a bit of ham.

And always: "Do you want some coffee??" And it arrives momentarily exactly the way I like it.

I'm so touched that he's taken the time to learn just the way I like it, with just so much milk and just so much sugar.
Every time he brings me a cup, it's a little gift from the heart.
And every chocolately sweet pancake, a loving work of art.
I'm grateful for a man who gives so much.

You gotta understand, I am NOT a morning person.
I am barely alive in the morning. So while I try to awaken from my morning stupor, Greg doesn't mind making breakfast, because he's already super hungry.

Do I feel a little guilty? Um, yeah. That's why I help clean up!

You'd think Greg would get sick of being the one to make breakfast all the time.

But you know what? I think for him, it's a gift of love. A way to care for me and demonstrate his love.

That's an important love lesson: That when you really love someone, it feels good to give, to do something for them that you know makes them happy. It makes you happy, when they are happy. You are not doing it to get something in return.

Of course the bonus to giving like this, is that it almost always makes your partner give more in return!

Win-win all the way around!

So, actually, I guess that is the best part! (Not that I didn't have to lift a finger).
Bring on the maple syrup!

What do you do just because you know it makes your partner happy?

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