Friday, October 3, 2008

A Brief Introduction to Me, Greg

My name is Greg and I’m lucky enough to be Dr. Jenn’s husband. As Jenn mentioned, I’m an accountant, which is about the furthest thing from a Psychologist or dating coach you can get. That said, over the past three years Jenn had been schooling me up on all the touchy-feely stuff that comes so easy for her. So now, she’s ready to unleash me on the world.

Where to begin? Life before Jenn. . .

Before meeting Jenn, I wouldn’t say I was an unhappy person but I did manage to find my way into an unhappy marriage. I married a woman who I had dated for nine (yes, you heard that right, nine) years. That should've been a hint, but it wasn't!

Unfortunately, neither of us was good at expressing ourselves so I don’t think we really knew what we needed from a wife/husband. Looking back, we would have been better friends than life partners. We enjoyed the same activities and were a good match intellectually.

Unfortunately we were horribly matched in the areas that really mattered, like the level of affection each of us needed, how we showed our love, and sex drive. Eventually all of these differences, which we couldn’t really see at the time, drove us apart until we divorced. When the end finally came, we were both miserable and it showed in every aspect of my life.

Live begins anew

I met Jenn on about a year after I was divorced. And to be honest, the only reason she was initially interested in me was the fact I lived close to her! You see, my online profile was nothing special. I talked a lot about what I did and very little about who I was.

Good thing she was new to the area and looking for someone to show her around or this blog might not be here at all!

When we first started dating I could tell right away she was someone special. She asked me questions no one had ever asked me before about who I was and what I felt. And my heart lit up around her.

We soon learned that we were a good match in almost every area. But most of all, we were a good match in affection. We loved each other and weren’t afraid to show it.

And for the first time in my life I could say I was truly happy. Jenn brought joy to my life and the little Greg inside of me responded by frolicking whenever we were together, wherever we were. Loving Jenn is easy and I am GRATEFUL for her every minute of every day and I try to make sure she knows how grateful I am for her.

A word on gratitude

Frankly, I was amazed when Jenn was so surprised about my level of appreciation! I just assumed everyone did it!

I was raised in a family where common courtesy was common place. Although I don’t remember ever being “schooled” in good manners, I do always remember saying “please” and “thank you” as a small child and being offended when the same behavior wasn’t returned by others.

Thanking someone for doing something for you is a little gift you can give that really makes a difference because it spreads like wild fire.

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