Friday, October 3, 2008

The Power of an Oreo

Ok, onward to appreciation!

So, last night, I had a BRAND new thing to appreciate about Greg.

I'm in the shower, with my eyes closed. I open them up and there is a hand sticking through the curtain holding a cookie, then, "Want an Oreo?"


I was so touched. How sweet!

This is a man who deeply KNOWS my chocolate addiction.

And knows when it's prudent to say, "I can tell you are having a bad day. Do you want me to pick up some chocolate on the way home from work?"

Later he told me, "Well I was having a cookie, and I know you like cookies, so I had to come offer you one."

How thoughtful is that!?

It's the small things that count!

BTW- I didn't even eat the Oreo!!

What small thing did your partner do that made you warm and fuzzy? Please comment.

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