Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cuteness Factor

Speaking of cute.....do you know what it feels like to have someone think everything you do is cute?!

I feel adored. I feel cherished. I definitely know I am loved.

Seriously, Greg thinks all of my quirks are adorable. And he's always saying, "That is SO cute." And there is adoration in his eyes- I can SEE it, I can feel it.

We've already decided that he is a seriously NON-objective observer. He's lost all ability to objectively assess my cuteness, otherwise known as my "Current Cuteness Factor."

On a scale of 1-10, I routinely score a 23. Go figure! I know I am not THAT cute!

It's like when you are always showing your kid pictures to anyone who will look, or constantly telling stories about all the silly things your dog does. Or the insane way I feel about my new kitty. YOU think it's cute, but it's not always so cute to everyone else.

But who cares?! Your partner, your pets, your kids, are just that darn precious to you!

It's the most amazing feeling to know that he loves me, just the way I am, for just who I am, in all my quirky, silliness. That is a true gift of his love.

And I'm ever grateful.

What do you love about your partner, even though no one else would care or agree?

Please share.

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