Thursday, October 2, 2008

A brief Introduction to Me, Jenn

Before we start unleashing our gratitude, let me tell you just a bit about me.
We're being honest here, so I'll admit it. Before I met Greg, I wasn't a very happy person. In fact, truth be told, I was a tad bit of a whiny complainer! I definitely saw the glass as half empty and I was actually sort of proud of that- go figure!

It was much easier for me to see the black clouds then to even check for a silver lining.

And I had a penchant for dating emotionally unavailable men, then proceeding to bang my head up against the wall, trying to get my needs met. I gave myself quite a concussion all those years!

Then, Greg came into my life and things changed. As our love grew, I experienced my first taste of tears of joy (I thought those only existed in Hollywood, BTW). I found myself being filled with simple happiness just being together and actually feeling grateful for this wonderful man, every day.

Barely a day would go by when I didn't fully notice some new reason to feel deeply thankful for him. This was new for me.

And I felt truly cherished. He was always thanking me for the little things. Things I never even thought of being thanked for!

Quickly, I learned the power of gratitude. And discovered that appreciation can be the fuel that keeps love alive for the long term.

But even more than that- we brought out the best in each other. Now, Greg is an accountant, not exactly joyfully free by nature. But together, I found that my silly little girl side came out to play all of the time.

We sang, we danced, we were silly, everywhere. Airports, waiting in lines at Wendy's, down the grocery food aisle. Who cares what people thought!

And the fun continues. We've found that we enjoy doing almost everything better together, because it's just so easy and pleasurable to be with each other. We make such a natural team.

I never knew that love could be so easy!

Not that it's easy all the time mind you. But when you pick well to start with, it's so much easier along the way.

In fact, that's why I love to coach singles, because I truly believe that one of the best ways to reduce the divorce rate is to help people pick a truly compatible partner the first time around.

So, that's a bit about me and my journey from picking frogs, to finding a wonderful prince!

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