Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Morning Chicken Inspires Me!

Gosh, I feel so grateful today!

My husband had to leave the house today at 8am for a flight out of town.

And before he left, he cooked me chicken!!

So I would have something to eat while he was away!!

Who does that before 8am?

He does. Because he loves me. And he's such a giver.

That is just so darn thoughtful and generous!!! It amazes me.

I admit, I am learning from him how to be more selflessly giving like that.

He inspires me to step into my Highest Self. To embody more beautiful traits- even if I am not in the mood, or it's not easy.

That is an even bigger gift than cooked chicken!

What traits does your partner inspire you to embody more fully, through their example?

Please share.

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