Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do You Know What's On Tonight?

The other day I was on the phone with Greg, who was at work.

He says, "Do You Know What's On Tonight?"

On TV that is.

Actually, I had no idea, "No, what?"

And Greg says, "The CMA's!" AKA Country Music Awards.

I had asked him to tape it for me the previous week. And sweetly, he did.

But even more sweetly- he REMEMBERED!

You might not think that is remarkable- but here's why it is:

Greg HATES, hates, hates country music.

He only remembered because he knows it's important to me.

And in a show of soulmate solidarity- he even watched them with me!

Plus, to his credit, he only slightly rolled his eyes when I squealed with delight as Kenny Chesny took the stage.

Now that's love. Real love.

What does your partner remember for you?? Please share!

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