Monday, November 24, 2008

Date Line: Des Moines

What is this? A note?

Unfortunately, I have to travel on occasion. And when I do, I always miss Jenn. We talk on the phone but it still isn't the same as being with her.

Before we started this blog, we would write "love notes" to each other every weekday morning, without fail. However, when I would have to leave for a business trip we couldn't maintain our ritual.

One day, however, when I was unpacking my clothes at my hotel, I noticed a bright yellow-green recipe card. On the card was a quick note from Jenn. Nothing long, just a quick note saying that she loved and missed me.

But that wasn't all. The more I unpacked, the more notes I found. It turns out that Jenn had snuck into my luggage and hid a bunch of short notes telling me what she loved about me, what she was missing about me and how she couldn't wait until I came home.

Jenn had found a way to continue our ritual, even when I wasn't home. She went out of her way to make sure I felt loved and adored and not so lonely. And it worked.

What does your sweetie do for you when you go out of town? Please share.

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