Monday, January 26, 2009

First Anniversary Love

Well, one year ago today, I was standing in the warm, waining sunlight of a gorgeous Miami day under a white gazebo. The bay was behind me and I was dressed in a brand new navy blue pinstripe suit.

Friends and family were gathered around from far flung areas of the country and my beautiful bride was standing just inside the french doors of the Mediterranean-style house we had rented for the week.

Before long, Me and You by Kenny Chesney began playing and Jenn started her long walk down the aisle. Or more accurately down the stairs, across the tennis court and through the lawn to me where she sang the last verse of the song and spun me at the end. Definitely not your traditional wedding!
But what else could I expect from Jenn?

Jenn is nontraditional in almost every sense of the word. She's a psychologist who practices as a dating coach starting a membership site to help singles. She grew up outside of Boston but listens to Country music. She's a cute girlie-girl who drives a big pickup truck. And she's a person who sees things in varying shades of grey who married a man who sees everything in black and white.

But all of this is what makes Jenn so special. She's always challenging me to see things differently. To open my eyes and see different possibilities. To leave my black and white world and step in to her's, in all of it's technicolor wonder.

And all of this helps me to be a better, more rounded person. And I simply can't thank Jenn enough for that. For putting up with me and my stubborn streak. For continually pushing me, even when I push back. For helping me expand my point of view, even when it's uncomfortable for me to do so.

Jenn is making me a better person and I hope I am doing the same. Every day I love her more and more and our relationship gets better and better and I'm thankful for that, most of all.

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