Monday, January 5, 2009

Delighted In

Do you know what it's like to be delighted in?

It's an amazing feeling of being cherished and adored. And yes, delighted, as it tickles the inside of your heart with smiling love.

We delight in small children, we delight in pets- causing them to feel so enjoyed, so loved. We sometimes even delight in the wonders of the natural world. That comes naturally to most people.

But once we grow up- it's not often we get the gift of being truly delighted in. We forget to experience the wonder of each other.

So, to delight in your partner? Now, that's a beautiful, deep gift.

Greg has been especially loving lately.

It's not something you can fake.

It's in his warm eyes, the way he looks at me, when he tells me how much I mean to him.

It's in his broad smile, and the twinkle in his eyes, when he clearly is simply delighted by something silly I've done.

There is not enough delight in our adult life. And surely not enough delight between us adults.

So when Greg gives me the gift of being delighted in, it touches the very depths of my soul, reaffirming just how worthy I am to give and receive love.

That's what delighting in does for the receiver- it affirms your very worth.

Not that you need to know from someone else that you are worthy- because we all just ARE worthy. That's our natural state.

But the people in our lives serve as mirrors- and when that mirror shines pure delight- it's a grateful reminder that:

Yes, I am loved.
Yes, I can bring pleasure to those around me.
And yes, everything is right in the world!

That's something I didn't get enough of long ago, but when your partner offers it freely, it heals ancient wounds, bringing you back to your original state of greatness, where you can bask in the glowing light of love.

Dearest Greg, thank you so much for delighting in me. It may be one of the most precious gifts of all.

I hope you know how much delight you bring to me.

How can you, dear reader, give the gift of being delighted in to someone you love today?

Readers: Please share your own experiences of being delighted in!


Kim Falconer said...

I love this post--and I think it is delight in the 'little things' that make me smile the most. Things that show how we really 'get' each other.

My most recent delight was this morning when I read a scene aloud to a friend. When I finished he said, 'I want to live there, in that world.'

Still beaming ! :)

Dr. Jenn said...


I want to hear your scene so I can delight in you too!

Yes, you are right, the things that cause the greatest delight are the little things- easy things to offer up each day- to bring more delight into the world!