Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving: Feeling like the Luckiest Girl Alive

I am the luckiest girl ever!

I like to wake up and remind myself of that every morning as I walk outside to feed the ponies, not just because of this beautiful ranch and the chance to live with my amazing herd, but to be given the unconditional love of a husband who has such a pure heart.

Greg’s been working in Dallas for over 3 months now- home on most weekends. Over Thanksgiving he was home for a week!

It would be understandable if he wanted a break during that time. I mean, heck, I’d be tired from all that stressful travel and just want to kick back and relax- you know, have a good woman take care of him for once!

But that’s just not in his nature.

Nope, he feels bad that I’ve had to take care of the ranch and all the animals all by myself all this time.

So he’s going to make it up to me.

Instead of sleeping in, he gets up and gives me a reprieve from feeding the horses in the morning. He even measures out all their bothersome supplements. He makes me breakfast. He does laundry. He feeds the dogs. He takes care of the dishes. He takes me out for dinner.

Then, he paints the porch we’ve been putting off all Fall. And when I want a day off from painting, he says with no frustration at all: Go ahead, you deserve it.

And I don’t have to ask for a thing- he just does all of that because we are a team.

I don’t even need him to do all of that- I understand he has to be away- I don’t expect him to make anything up.

All he asks for in return? Back rubs- and lots of them.

As I said, I’m one lucky girl- and I’m sending out a huge thank you to Greg for all of the hard work and accommodations he’s had to make to help bring my dream of this ranch into reality.

You’re my angel. Happy Thanksgiving.

Readers: What does your partner do that makes you feel like the luckiest person alive? Please share!

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