Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's Win Was it Anyway?

According to MapQuest, I'm 589 miles and more than 9 hours from Jenn.

Actually, although the distance is correct, the time is really more like 2 1/2 hours, by air. I'm currently sitting in the Kansas City "International" Airport, enjoying a frosty beverage, waiting for my flight to start boarding. I've been here the last two weeks and I'm more than ready to get back home.

As luck would have it, these weren't the best weeks to be away from Jenn. We're a little more than week in to her new membership website ( being up and running and she had a big speaking engagement last Wednesday. And I feel horrible that I haven't been there to support her in person.

A great part of our relationship is the true joy we take in each other's accomplishments. Jenn says she never sees me light up the way I do when we're celebrating one of her successes. And I'd have to agree with her.

I'm always so proud of her when she accomplishes something that she's been working hard for. Whether it's being quoted in Cosmo, being featured in 5280 (a popular local glossy magazine), appearing as an expert in MSN Dating or in Happen ('s e-zine) articles, being interviewed on TV or launching a truly revolutionary dating coaching site, I take great pride in all of Jenn's successes.

She is an amazing woman who is absolutely passionate about her role as a dating and relationship expert. To see her succeed after so many years of hard work gives me as much or more joy than I would feel if I was the one who accomplishing so much.

I am so proud of Jenn for chasing her dream and working so hard to build her vision. And I'm grateful to be along for the ride, sharing in all of her accomplishments.

Readers: How do you celebrate your partner's wins?

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