Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Surprise: Steaming HomeMade! Hot Chocolate

The other night, I disappeared out of the house for WAY longer than I expected. The horses decided it was time for a spontaneous healing session.

But it was dusk, snow was on the ground, and it was freezing!!!

Let me tell you though, it was one heck of a healing session- I cried my eyes out and let go of a lot of junk I didn't know I was carrying!

When I got inside, I was absolutely frozen, head to toe. "Darn, I'm COLD!," I cried out when I came in the door.

But instead of being frustrated that I had been nowhere to be found for so long, Greg had a surprise ready for me.

"Good thing I have something for you then!," he smiled, as he handed me a fresh cup of hot chocolate that he made from SCRATCH!.

Wow- how lucky am I??? Just when I'm cold and exhausted from doing a heap of emotional work, there is Greg, my angel, standing ready with the perfect treat.

Thank you Greg for your thoughtfulness!

Readers: How does your partner surprise you with just what you need? Please share!

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